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[31 Aug 2005|05:50pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

My newspaper teacher just started making us bring in "current events" to read in front of the class. This Wednesday's topic was "something to do with media." When I got home yesterday, I looked on CNN.com and Fox News and couldn't really find any NEWS about media. So I did without. I barely ever not do my homework. I thought this time, maybe other people would confront her about the topic?

Anyways, I get to the class, and many people do not have their articles. People are pleading others to give them a second article they may have printed off, and some had the audacity to ask the teacher if they could go to the media center. She actually let them go, but warned them that in the future it would be late. I was going to ask to go, but there was constantly someone already gone. By the time she got to me, I told her that I didn't have the damn thing. I asked her if I could turn it in tomorrow, and she says, "No. If you don't have it today, that's it." So I get a freaking ZERO.

She let many other people that didn't have theirs get it while other people were presenting...yet she wouldn't let me turn it in late...this pisses me off so bad.

I friggin hate school. It's a bunch of B.S.

I can't wait for college. UGH.

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[20 Mar 2005|08:30am]

The math disability - http://www.dyscalculiaforum.com ;)
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The Red Ants [09 Jan 2005|04:23pm]
Deep in the forest, under the canopy, under plants and flowers there is an ant’s nest. The ants dig tunnels and tend their young. They cut leaves and bring them to the nest. Each ant alone is small and helpless, but when the ants all work together, they are one of the strongest forces in the forest.

A Worker ant, Kelsey returns to the hive, and puts a small piece of leaf on the growing pile of leaves for the winter. Then a red ant comes, the red ant has two boy ants at her sides, and they admire her red body, and talk incessantly with her, complementing her looks and carrying no leaves. They walk leisurely, holding up a line of diligent workers behind them.
Kelsey turns to her ant-friend, Ally, and says to her
“Why do the red ants get so much praise for doing so much less”
Ally Picks up her leaf and says to Kelsey
“The boy-ants think their red bodies are pretty, and they do not grow angry with the red ants. It is the way life is, we simply must deal with it.”

As Kelsey picks up her next leaf, a red ant pushes in front of her and eats directly from the plant. Kelsey is normally a bright and cheerful little ant, but now her eyes brim over with tears. She says to the red ant
“Why don’t you gather leaves like the rest of us, so we all receive our fair share. When you take more than your fair share, other mouths go empty.”
The red ant laughed conceitedly at Kelsey’s protest.
“Little worker ant fool, I am a red ant, and it more important that I eat than you.”
A boy ant comes, and defends the red ant.
“You are just jealous because you are not a red ant.”
The red ant smiles a devious grin, and Kelsey runs away in tears of misery.

Kelsey runs to her friend Ally, and says to her
“Look! Those red ants, how they vex me! Why do the boys think them so great? Don’t they see what harm they do to the nest as a whole?”
Ally turns to Kelsey in surprise.
“I know it gets troublesome, but this is the way the hive works. Besides, I don’t mind the Red ants, they seem beautiful and harmless, how could you dislike them?”
Kelsey patiently explained to her friend.
“You see Ally, we ants are a hard working people. Every day we get up, and we work, collecting food for out colony. But the red ants, they distract the boy ants from their work, and do not help. They only talk and gossip amongst themselves. They are incredibly shallow and jealous; they each want the biggest boy-ant to like only them. They preen themselves all day, and try to make themselves pretty, so that the boy-ants will like them. They do not work for the community; they only eat, and disrupt the work of others. The red-Ants will be the downfall of the colony!”
Ally thinks about this, and says to Kelsey with a disheartened sigh.
“Yes, you are right Kelsey, but we are just two little Girl-ants, what are we to do when there are so many red ants?”
Kelsey looks at her friend with a newfound strength.
“Most of the other ants do not know about the threat of the Red-Ants, or are too afraid to speak out. We must educate the other ants about the Red-Ants, and force them to leave our colony before it is too late. If we do not do something, we may starve in the winter”
Ally is exited now.
“Yes! We must educate the entire ant colony about the Red-Ants! Then as a people we can kick them out of the colony!”
Kelsey and ally run about the colony, and to crowds of ants they shout:
“Worker ants we must awake
Red-ants wreck the work we do!
Rise up for our colony’s sake
Red-ants we’ve had enough with you!”

At first, many of the other ants did not believe Kelsey and Ally’s tale, but then as the dangers were explained to them, they saw the problem of the Red-Ants. The Red-Ants heard of this too they spread lies against Kelsey and Ally: “They are just jealous of us Red-Ants because we are so pretty, do not listen to them.” But now the Ant colony was roused! First there was two, then four then eight, then sixteen. Each day, more and more ants shout down the corridors, alerting others of the revolution. Most of the boy-ants join too, for they cared for the colony, and had been hypnotized by the Red-ants.
Then, at last, the revolution acted. Ants ran around the entire colony, shouting at the top of their lungs.
“Wake up! The struggle against the Red-Ants is beginning!
Down with the enemies of our colony!"

The Red-Ants gathered together. They tried to make themselves look especially innocent and pretty, but the Worker-Ants were wise to their tricks. The worker-Ants to protect their colony, they stood tall, and as one, marched toward the Red-Ants. Some of the Red-Ants turned and ran. Others held out, babbling at how they were pretty. The Worker-Ants, simply picked them up, and carried them along, depositing them outside of the colony. Kelsey yelled to the red ants as they left in a disheveled line.
“If you want to eat, and live in luxury, you must work for it, like every other ant”
A great cheer went out from the worker ants as the last red ant disappeared over the horizon.

The next day, the ants picked leaves again. Without the red ants to hinder them, the ants could work faster, and now the end of the day to play. As the ants worked and played, they sang a song of their freedom. Many happy voices all sang together.
“Yay! Yay for Worker-Ant liberation!
The Red-Ants are now gone from our land!
Yay! Yay for our colony’s population
The Red-Ants must now find new land!”

The Red-Ants exist not only in the ant colony, but also in Schools! They are the Populars! Every school has thousands of students, and each of them comes to school, and works on the work given to them, so that they may learn new things. The preppies are only interested in each other! They spend their time making themselves look pretty, so that other students will look at them and say.
“Oh how pretty that Pink dress is! All girls should have them to be pretty.”
They do not work in class, but they talk to one another, and slow everyone else down. The teachers must then quite them before proceeding with teaching the rest of the class.
they wear tight cloths, and flirt awfully with those they meet. Some stupid boys adore them, but they care little for the boys, what they really want is to make other girls jealous: This is what makes them happy. Smart boys like only those girls who are nice on the inside. They get the stupid boys who like them to do everything for them, and are lazy, doing little work or thinking themselves. The school administrators do not care about the average student. They do not give the Popular girls dress code, even when every day they come to school dressed like a prostitute. The school administrators only care that the dances bring in money for them! They do not care about the welfare of the average students in the school.

The Populars are an enormous danger to the welfare of schools, because they take time, money and resource from the school, but they do not work hard like the other students. They know that if they stick out their chests enough and wear revealing cloths, they will be taken care of by colleges and boys in their life, at the expense of the hard working students who are denied their place in the college.

Unfortunately, many people do not yet know that the populars are present. They look at the slyly smiling girl with the tiny skirt and think.
“That pretty face can surely hold no evil, she is just a nice girl whom the boys like for her cute personality. How could anyone dislike her?”
They do not see the danger of the Red-Ants, who only consume and disrupt the work of the other ants. They do not see how she distracts people in class, and talks to her friend all day long, not thinking once of school. They do not see that it is unfair for her to go to college while a girl who worked many times harder will be denied a place.

The Ant’s recognized the danger of the red ants, and they fought against the unfairness, and kicked the Red-Ants out of their colony. Only then did the ants live in peace and prosperity.
The same holds true for people. We must be diligent about kicking them out. Just as the Red-Ants spread lies, so will the populars. They will pretend to be your friend, speaking to with the voice of an angel, and seeming to be nicest souls in the school, but when you turn your back even for a moment they will lie about you and easily stick a knife in your back. That is the way of the populars. You will hear that not all populars are like that, or that most of them are really nice, but where do these lies come from? The mouths of the populars themselves! Until we remove the populars from our schools, there will always be bullying and unfairness in our schools.
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[10 Aug 2004|09:19pm]
School sucks.
I hate it.
I start back friday.
First days are a living hell.
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SCHOOLS OUT... [20 May 2004|12:53am]

[ mood | depressed ]

hahahaha.. i got thru yet another yr!!! arent ya proud of me or what??? argh.. i rox sox.. ok just had to let someone know.. haha.. shit next yr is so gonna suck.. in many ways.. dont ya think?? ill be even more weird.. and more well .. homicidal.. hehe.. anyways thats it for now KIDS.. see ya next yr...

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,.. [12 May 2004|03:03am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

So... umm just joined this community.. Maybe i should leave i dunno.. Doesnt seem like theres any1 here.. But oh well so i guess theres no point in spilling your guts out.. Christina...

Btw.. when you got ADD why the fuck has life have to be so goddamn unfair?? and why does every single person on this stupid planet think you Stupid and should be in the retard class.. i dunno that just sux.. They'l lsee..

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[01 May 2004|11:49pm]

i just noticed that something...no one a posted in a awile and that fucking sucks. if i missed something like u changed the name please inform me.....please.....
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I have two words for you peoples... [24 Nov 2003|06:50pm]

school sucks!
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Just joined. [23 Sep 2003|07:00pm]

[ mood | bored ]

This year started out suckily. It might be better than last year though. I have to get up at 3:30 in the am to walk 2 miles to the pick up stop because they rearranged the bus schedules.

DAMMIT. P.E. and math suck the most.

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Intro Post - Crappy Teachers [31 Mar 2003|08:36am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

My name is Katie.
No, not Kathy. No, not Elizabeth.
And DEFINITELY not Hayes.
This is the SECOND year I've been in one of your classes, and you still can't remember my name?
~~eye roll~

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[13 Jan 2003|10:51am]

[ mood | crappy ]

i am not at school right now for I am skipping

i don't know what it is about not being at school that feels so good

hopefully it will all be over soon, but then the cycle will start again

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[20 Dec 2002|06:39am]

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ahh heaven [18 Dec 2002|10:26pm]

[ mood | happy ]

2 more days and than..2 weeks of pure sleep.

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asdasd [04 Dec 2002|10:08pm]

[ mood | anxious ]


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[30 Nov 2002|11:38pm]

[ mood | amused ]

yo despite how much school sucks this school that i got changed to is a hell of alot better then any other school ive been to. you know why? cuz i dont have to go and i still ca get a, and b's. thats how easy it is. school sucks but its a hell of alot easyer. its like for retards or sumthin and i aint no retartd, im just lazy. lol well school sucks.

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grades [07 Nov 2002|03:42pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

You know what I really hate? Is that when you are all concentrating hard on pulling up your bad grades that you totally forget about the ones that are already good. I pulled up all of my bad grades, but all of my grades that were good are low again. I hate that becuase than I am going to start concentrating on those grades and my other ones are going to go down. Damn this is all the teachers fault.

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argh [28 Oct 2002|08:38pm]

My mom makes me so mad sometimes. Were I live we have to take these statewide tests and we have to pass them in order to graduate..and we dont need them for collage or anything but whatever. And last year I was expelled so I couldnt take mine, so I had to fail becuase I had no other choice. SO my mom is MAKING me take this remidation from 2-5!! AFTER SCHOOL! Thats like friggen detetnion and its really PISSING ME THE FUCK OFF..becuase ARGHNESS!! I REALLY DONT WANT TO GO..but I mean I have to go..its like a fuckin detention though..but I am just going to sleep..and if they yell at me ..than they can shove their finger up their ass because I dont want to hear it.
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argh [27 Oct 2002|05:45pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

I get inturums this week. Its like a grade we get every 3 weeks to show our parents how we are doing. I mean come on we are fucking high school and we still have to have our parents sign our report cards and inturums? Thats just gay. ARGH but I am already grounded from my report card and now I am going to be grounded again..damit. I need to start cheating.

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[25 Oct 2002|03:11pm]

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[20 Oct 2002|06:31pm]

I dont want to go to school tomarrow..
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